Qingdao New Yangshan trading Co., LTD. (under: Qingdao AMY Yangshan Food Co., LTD.) is located in Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Shandong, China, the company has thousands of acres of farmland planting base, and a number of local rural cooperatives joint venture, to achieve production, processing, sales one-stop service. With the national ten leading canning enterprises joint venture, professional export.

      Main products: food import and export, vegetables, fruits, agricultural and sideline products and canned products. Mainly exported to Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa, such as: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Ghana, Sri Lanka and so on. Our company's products are A +, we produce quality recognized products exported to all over the world. The company has 8000 tons of cold storage, 1000 tons of frozen storage, large food processing equipment.

     Our Company Goal is  "customer is God" work ideas, make customers the quality and product that the customer require; the good faith management, for customer in product procurement save time and manpower, the customer's risk to a minimum, to allow customers to completely at ease and worry.

     Our Company will provide customer with relevant certificate they need such as food health certificate, fumigation certificate, certificate of origin (FTA) HACCP, ISO2200 so on, really benefit to the customer need for their Company or Country.


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Canned Fish
$14.50 - $15.78/carton
2050.0 cartons(Min. Order)
$13.99 - $15.75/carton
2000.0 cartons(Min. Order)
$13.50 - $15.50/carton
2000.0 cartons(Min. Order)
$14.45 - $15.84/carton
3250.0 cartons(Min. Order)
$13.50 - $15.50/carton
2000.0 cartons(Min. Order)
$13.54 - $15.59/carton
3250.0 cartons(Min. Order)
$228.00 - $239.00/ton
15 tons(Min. Order)
$4.87 - $4.99/carton
1500 cartons(Min. Order)
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$3,579.00 - $4,599.00/ton
10 tons(Min. Order)
$208.00 - $227.00/metric ton
15 metric tons(Min. Order)
$9.90 - $13.50/box
500 boxes(Min. Order)
$199.00 - $247.00/ton
15.0 tons(Min. Order)
$1,100.00 - $1,190.00/metric ton
15 metric tons(Min. Order)
$845.00 - $860.00/metric ton
10 metric tons(Min. Order)
$260.00 - $390.00/ton
15.0 tons(Min. Order)